Ford Hykee TVL Driver's Door Lock Upgrades

Ford Hykee TVL Driver's Door Lock Upgrades

Ford Transit vans are being broken into by thieves picking the door lock, decoding the key and then opening all the doors. Now they can steal the van in its entirety by overriding the immobiliser via the OBD port or empty the contents from the unlocked load area. Our Unique Direct Replacement High Security Door Lock replaces the vulnerable OE Ford Transit Tibbe Lock and requires no drilling or adjusting of the OE mechanism. This device is fitted in 15 mintues and is the perfect solution to this problem. This product is a Security lock upgrade for the mark 7 Ford Transit (pre 2014), Ford Custom and New shape Ford Transit (mark 8, 2014 onwards). This product can also be used with a modified drivers door Armaplate. We modify the Armaplate FREE of charge for you.

The importance of a Bezel Guard

On the Mark 7 (pre 2014) Ford Transit, and Ford Transit Custom, the Bezel Guard helps prevent thieves from gaining entry by clamping the front of the lock and twisting it round.

When securing a mark 8 (2014 onwards) Ford Transit with the HYKEE replock, we recommend that you purchase the additional Armaplate Lockplate. We believe that the Armaplate Lockplate provides a better level of security on the Mark 8 Transit than the Bezel Guard because it offers more protection to the HYKEE lock, which helps prevent the lock from being clamed and twisted round, which can subsequently gain entry to the vehicle. 

For more detailed information, please call us to speak to a locksmith.